Why IT Managers are Left Behind?

Hybrid Cloud is now declared to be the winning enterprise architecture this 2021. 

Many businesses are moving toward a hybrid cloud infrastructure, from SaaS applications and on-prem solutions to a mix of public and private clouds. So what do hybrid cloud strategies do? It helps organizations strike the right balance for their unique cloud infrastructure needs.

Significant investments in hybrid from large public cloud providers have been noticed. There is increasing investment in building tools that enable more straightforward connectivity between on-premises datacenters and cloud. Meeting the customer where they are at the moment is the cause of these investments—addressing the challenges of exponential data growth while also being proactive on issues like privacy, security, and compliance. The modernized approach to hybrid cloud is expanding from traditional IT to support industrial applications as well.

The widespread, sudden disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the value of having an agile and adaptable cloud infrastructure. Companies worldwide expedite investments in the cloud to enable faster change in moments of uncertainty and disruption like we faced in 2020.

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