5 Digital Technology Trends that CIOs Must Know

Organizations today are under fire on how to stay competitive while creating connections in the digital world.

Amidst the Covid-19, the digital world is also expediting, cutting out the slow but constant system. Businesses have no choice but to adjust to the entire business setup. As for this year of 2021, it’s obvious that the pandemic’s ambiguity will stay in the world. Here are some of the trends that we can consider in digital transformation.

Switching to Virtual Interaction

A lot of businesses asked employees to work from home to keep pace with the lockdown restrictions. The workforce was working full-time from their homes at the height of the lockdown. The digital transformation trend will continue through this year. Internal messaging and social media abilities will have better emphasis this year.

Maximizing of Contactless Solutions

This digital transformation trend impacts client-facing activities like grocery and clothing shopping. There’s an accelerated demand for video conferencing facilities and B2B eCommerce services as well.

Accumulated funding

Businesses scaled digital transformation programs as they grapple with COVID-19 fall-out. Restrictions on movement, office closures, and supply interruptions drive this trend. 

Digital Communication Network Upgrades

The expansion of 5G cellular services to meet the demand for high speed, high volume data communication results from the increase in digital services.

Advanced Investment in Cloud Technology

One of the vital digital transformation trends for 2021 has been the fastened interest in the cloud. The freedom from legacy applications, cloud computing, enables world-wide access and is now the key to facilitate remote employment.

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